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The Gift of deception { Kreativ Historie - Serie}

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The Gift of deception { Kreativ Historie - Serie} Empty The Gift of deception { Kreativ Historie - Serie}

Indlæg by Gæst on Tirs dec 01, 2015 12:04 pm

Baghistorie til novellen.:
// Så.. her til morges havde jeg den mest skøreste drøm, men jeg planlægger at færdig gøre historien, så jeg kan høre jeres mening. Desværre har jeg skrevet den på engelsk, da jeg syntes det lyder lidt 'bedre'. Og har hid til skrevet på den siden D. 02/10/2015
Hvis i har lyst til at kaste jeres mening afsted i min retning, så skriv endelig i en PM, samt eventuelt forslag, til hvad der kunne ske i serien. (da planlægger at inkludere hovedpersonen, rejser rundt i Danmark, der efter videre til resten af verden. Så skriv endelig hvis I har forslag til hvis i ønskede at noget skulle inkludere i historien Smile )  //

Link for Background music(Introduction) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIjWaulrLjs

The Gift of deception { Kreativ Historie - Serie} World-War-3
The Gift of deception

Part One: The First Contact.

I was born 1993. My life went fine, I was study to become a Doctor. Life was simple. Once I came to the town in Denmark. Oh, ehm. I probably should introduce me, my name is many things, but people just call me Wolf. I was born in a town called Tårnby. It's sorta a bit near Kaarup. Life was simple as i once said. In 2013 I met the love of my life. He was known as Renny Red. Lots of people called him that as a nickname, so it's just stuck in my head about it. So here I was. A guy like me, walking in the city of Holstebro. 20 year old guy, with an education towards the ends of what would probably be known as High School or College. I was going to study as a Doctor on VIA College in the city Holstebro. I was told that they had some good teachers and loads of possibilities for me. More options and perhaps the start of my carrier as a Doctor.

In 2015 Denmark were the country. Of all Countries, getting visit by the first life form. I remember it clearly. 2 years after me and Red have been together, the 12 November. People gathered around the Streets. Looking up at the sky as tall, thin. 'beings' as i best could describe them floated down from the sky. Their Undefinable Flying Object were beyond comprehension. Even I couldn't describe it. It looked like something out of either a Dream or a nightmare. Lots of people were gathered. Police force were already involved. Trying to keep the crowd away in a large circle. The Alien kept Floating down and looked around for answers. Our Minister came some few hours later. Within that time, lots of Camera crew trying to get an interview with the Aliens. But the police held them back as their camera's catch every single second they could. Some even tried to oppress the police and tried to go for it.

The Aliens looked at us. Never before did i felt an large amount of curiosity. They had landed just outside the Train Station. Within an area where a large storage facility had been demolished. Their faces could not be seen, if they even had one. They were in black robes. Nothing of which i could identify. Their Hans had gloves on them with five fingers. All though they did not move. But their eyes. Their fascinating and terrifying eyes could be felt. As if they stared towards each and every one. One of the Policemen gathered some Fences to barricade the area from the public. Lots of media were spreading towards the world. The sound of a Train could be heard and many more people including the minister came out. There were loads of sounds of cars and trucks to be heard.

He stepped towards the Aliens within the 'circle' of police-force. He looked at them and presented him self as Denmark's representative. The Aliens looked at him and had their hands at each sides of their 'hips'. They bowed shortly to show some sort of respect. Perhaps they have been studying our culture? For the next thing i could hear was that they could be heard inside my head. Their voices was as if my own thoughts could not be head.

The Gift of deception { Kreativ Historie - Serie} Black_robe_by_erdinmor

''Greetings. We, Legion. Comes. We, are peace. We, are gracious. We, are with gifts.''

The representative looked at the Alien and asked him ''What gift do you bring? And what consequences does it follow?'' The Alien turned it's attention towards him. But before it could answer I felt something inside me. Something that made my lips speak before I even could say anything. ''I volunteer! I volunteer!'' I raised my hands like an idiots and walked towards it. It turned it's attention towards me and just bowed shortly and spoken with one single sentence.

''We, Appreciate''

I wondered a bit why it said 'we' and not us. It's voice were like they were unified. No single sounds of doubts. Not even a sign of emotions. Allmost mecanical. As I went near the Fence, some policemen let me though and the Minister looked at me with disguest. All most as if he wanted to punch me. As I walked closer the Alien looked at me. It nodded, as if it already knew what I was going to say. It letted it's hands at my forhead and placed it on me. I felt my body shiver and my bones changing. As if I were drunk or had too low blood preasure in my blood system, which made me dizzy. I felt the 'hand' on my head. I could only feel 3 fingers. The 2 others were fake. Meaning it was in disguise for not to be known it's true identity. I blacked out and woke up in a Hospital. Or what you could call a hospital.

Loads of Doctors were around me. I remember I tried to open my eyes and move. But I couldn't. My arms were locked and I couldn't even see my own body. My eyes gazed on a doctor who stared at me with even greater fear than I could discribe a Child's first reaction to a Spider. He looked like she had seen a ghost to put it very simple. I was going to open my mouth, but I couldn't. I looked down on my 'nose' or.. what seems to be a very 'hairy' nose. I was changed. I tried to turn my head, but I couldn't. I could litterally sniff her fear. The feeling of being afraid and the feeling of being nervous could I smell from her. As she went out of the room there were lots of different aroma in the air. I could smell gunpowder and lots of cleaning materials. Mainly cleaning products. Some part of Clor, which made my head a bit dizzy again.

A doctor came though the door and looked at me. ''How are you feeling'' he said with a calm voice. He smelled different. Something out of the military. Maybe a feel doctor? Again came the smell of Gunpowder. It came under his shirt. Did he carry a gun?! The smell of Metal was clear in the air. He looked at me and removed the mouth collar from my face. When I looked at it I lift my eyebrow. ''I'm fine, but why are you carrying a gun? And where am I?''

The Doctor smiled gently as he looked at me. ''Your in Herning Hospital. We transferred you here after you blacked out. The gun is only for my protection. This is first time we ever had this.. incident.'' I looked odd at him and looked down at my hands. It was covered in fur?! Did I had a paw?! But.. It was formed as a human hand. Was this some kind of a joke?! Was I in a fur suit?! But I could only now feel as my brain started to work more clearly, the start of a pain in my back hips. I wanted to move as I looked at him. ''I need to stand up! My hips hurting! Please?!'' The doctor looked odd at me and looked down. He lifted me a bit up and a Tail came down under my blanket. I could feel a slight amount of pleasure. Like when you finaly had losen some sort of muscle from a bad position when your sleeping. I tried to sorta make a sign that I wanted to get up. The doctor nod shortly. ''Very well. But promis me you will not leave this room yet. And do not panik.'' He walked out of the room and closed the door. Few secounds later 4 larger bodybuilders of 'doctors' came into the room. I thought they were going to punch me or hurt me. They looked at me. One of them said camly to calm me down. ''Don't worry, we are just gonna losen your bounds a bit up. Remain calm and it will be a lot easier for us. Okay buddy?'' I just nodded calmly and waited for them to do their job done.

I could feel the preasure from my stommach released and I could breath more easily. The preasure from my arms and my legs were removed and the looked at me. ''When we close the door and each of us have left the room. You may sit up. Okay buddy?'' Again I nodded and it all seemed strange. But seeing I was sorta in no position to argue agenst 4 large people, who probably easily could bend me over, as a thin stick.  I tried to stand up, but the hole body changed a lot. I saw around the room as I felt my legs were changed aswell. Most of it were covered in fur. Even my toes were changed into some foot shaped paws. Quite odd for my taste. But after some few seconds I made some movement, I looked behind my back and saw most of my tail. I had a tail?! So odd, but when I come to think of it, I didn't find it unusual. Most of my time spent on looking at my self in the mirror. Next to my bed I had a small bathroom for me to be. I took off the cloth to inspect my body closer. My tail and my.. ehm.. 'gender' between my legs had even been changed. Everything was different. Even Red would probably think different about me. When I came to think about it, I didn't even let Red a thought when I looked at my self in the mirror. Lots of things changed as I stared at my self. Or rather the 'new' body I was in. I grabbed my arm to see if it truly were real or not. I turned around loads of time. Trying to see my naked self from many ancles, even when I tried to get a new perspective of this whole body thingy. It all seems so strange, and unrealistic. Maybe I was the weird one or did halucinate? But if I was halucinating, why did the female doctor then got so scared of me? I walked out of the bathroom. Compleatly forgot about getting dress and stod naked. Or rather as 'naken' I could be. Most of my body were covered in fur. Even my genitals were covered. Which was mainly the odd part. I sorta were used to hair and such around my body as a regulary human guy, but this was pehaps something you needed to get use to.

The Gift of deception { Kreativ Historie - Serie} Oacjgz

A man came though the door and two police officers. They looked odd at me. ''Ehm.. Sir, please put your cloth on'' The man in the front suit said. He was well dressed. And spoke in english. I walked over to the bed and sat down. ''So.. Could you please tell me what's going on?'' I asked him and looked at the man as he replied the same sentence. ''Sir, please put your cloth on.'' I looked again odd at him and then turned my head at my cloth I weared when I saw the strange aliens. I walked over to my cloth and put on a shirt and some lose working pants. Now I were glad that I had too losen pants when I wore them. I even needed to use belt when I was in my 'human' form, and now in this one, my cloth fitted me perfectly. Even though it pehaps looked a bit odd. That a 'fluffy' guy now weared some cloth. After 10 seconds I could feel the heat from the cloth and the fur, so I open up my shirt and just felt relaxed. ''There.. Now, will you please explain me whats going on? ''

The man sigh and just looked at me. ''Kid, you got the gift, or cursed. It depends on what you see it as. Some didn't changed a bit and other got tails, horns, wings and god knows what.'' His voice was clear with disgust about it. But he then continued. ''However, seein your registrated as a Human being, your still Human. No matter what form and shape your being in. '' He seemed sorta disguested by saying it. As if he only saw me with large amount of hate.

I looked a lot odd at him. Was I really the only one who fully changed? I looked around and then back at him ''So.. I'm free to go? Where do I write my self out?'' I asked and he sorta looked really annoying at me. ''You can go, when we are done asking you. Seeing your the first who recived the thing the aliens did.'' I replied only with a small amount of hate and impaitens. ''I blacked out when it touched my forehead. Then I woke up here like this. Now, I would like to get out.'' He stepped to the side and the policemen did so aswell and I walked out into the open. People stared odd at me. Some even wisperede and a child asked it's mum what I was. I just kept walking towards the train station and to get my train from Herning to Holstebro. I just wanted to get home. Home to my apartment and home to my bed. Just to forget everything that had happened today.

As I was sitting in the train on the way home more eyes gazed opon me. Some with large amount of curiosity other with anger and hate. I was feeling like I were some sort of filth. I looked at my phone and saw what date it was. It was the 17th November and 06:53 in the morning. ''I wonder how long I have been sleeping?'' I had received 5 phone calls from my mum. 12 from my dad and 21 calls from my nan. Poor nan, always worrying about me. I just hope they are all fine. Should I text them? No, they will just ask me more. God I'm so tired.

I walked towards from the station to my home. On the way loads of camera crew was there and took loads of pictures. I looked at them and just yelled. ''No comment! I wanna get home and sleep!'' I just snared and heard my self growling. I could feel the urge just to bite their heads off. They stepped a bit away from my with some of them commenting ''Carefully he might bite us?!'' I just looked at one of the camera's and just wanted to bite it off. Should I? I wouldn't be a good idea. I walked by them and just continued home. More and more journalist came around and wanted to ask me for an interview. I ignored them and just pushed them to side when they stepped in the way, with the only comment. ''Out of my way!'' I snared. And just continued on the way home. I opened the door to my apartment and just slammed the door and locked it. I walked around 5 steps towards my bed and just fell on it and closed my eyes. Pulled my fluffy blanket across my, now naked body and just fell to sleep. The smell of the room were filling my nose. Even the small of my Fiance Red could I smell from the teddy he gave me on our one year anniversary. It sort of made me more relaxed and as time went, I woke up the 18th November around 07:20 in the morning. I jumped up and started to pull on my cloth and without thinking putting on a deo and went out of the apartment with some of my books for today's study and just ran out towards the College. I just ran without thinking of yesterday. As if it just was a bad dream. I did however notice the people odd at me and just walked by. Some of them even waved at me, to see my reaction.

I could smell the gas from the cars and the sound, which was so loud. Very loud. Every time a car passed by the noise was like sharks pulling their teeth towards my brain. It hurt so much that I could feel my ears just laying on my head. I ran across the road and towards the school. I had my green military jacket on me, together with some black working pants from yesterday and a loosen shirt. I couldn't fit my shoes, so I putted on my large boots, which nearly only could fit me. It felt odd, but when I came inside and the people's eyes nearly felt as if they wanted to stap each and every single piece of my body with their eyes. ''Why the costume?'' one of them asked and I just looked odd at him. ''What costume?'' I asked and he laughed. ''The mask and the gloves dude!'' then he pointed at me and I looked down at my paws. I sigh a bit and then walked over to my table and sat down. Trying to survive the day. School now officially was horrible and a nightmare. Each and every time I had 'spare' time I could hear people talking behind my back. When I turned around, some of them just stopped and stared at me. As if I couldn't hear them. Their whispering voices was so annoying. Because of my ears I could hear them from afar. Even when the teacher was outside the class room. Talking on the phone with his ex wife, who was angry at him for having me in his class. He even agreed with his ex wife that I was a freak, but nothing he could do about.

I wanted just to stand up and walk out of the room. But not much would do. If I did so, nothing would change. I just wish the week to be done and I could get to my fiance. . .

Part II : The Eyes Awakening

The Gift of deception { Kreativ Historie - Serie} C826db541e8a8a2f126b1ccf981c739f

I spent most of my time in the bedroom. I didn't had any television to see what happend to the world out side. But the feeling that something had happened must been. Must people thought that I was a freak or that I was wearing a costume. Pehaps I should just make my self a cup of tea, but it wouldn't help much. Seeing I don't have any methods to heat the water up, well not the things I want to use. Too much effort. A small laugher could be heard from my lips. I'ts the first time I laughed after the transformation. I walked out to the bathroom and saw my self in the mirror. It's still surpricing me to see my own reflektion. To see what I have become. To see the changed that made me to what I now am. Something 'different'. An two legged walking 'wolf' or something of a wolf being. I got lots of fur across my body. Acturely the whole body. Even around my crouch is covered in fur. A strange tought to be honest. All though the hair style now isn't much of a problem. A smile is forming on my 'lips' if I even could call them lips. As most part of it is fur. I scracthed my self behind the fluffy ears and sorta looked down at my own strange new body. Even space between my toes were covered in fur. And some sort of black nails were to be seen from them.

I wonder how much a person would charge me to polish thouse nails just to make a pedicure. I laughed a bit more, but ended up walking towards the shower. I turned on the heat water and felt the warm water covered my fur and made it all wet. The feeling of having some sort of 'cloth' around my body, while showering is deffenently something you need to get use to. Think about it. Imagine how to get water on your skin, when your skin is litterally covered in a big warm fur blanket. And more importen. How guys would look how at how I looked like? How would I ever get a date with a guy, who sees me as a big hairy ball. Litterally. Even my balls were covered in fur!?

That is sorta the weird thing. I take some few secounds to recover my mind set on how the change of my body is. As I step out of the shower. The water is litterarly dripping down of my body, as it seems like 3 galons of water tries to run down my fur. I grab the nearest towl, but even after few secounds it get drenched. I sigh shortly and grab another one, another one and yet another one. After 3 drenched towls. I finally manage to remove the water from my fur. The feeling of it's 'silke' soft touch feels sorta comfy for my mind. Some good part is there, but there are a lot of down sides aswell. And don't you dare get me started about the amount of hair shampoo I needed to use to get my fur all nice as smooth. For about 5 minuts before it gets dirty again by the dust in my room.

I walk out of the room, looking around and grab some cloth to get on.  I look around and the strange smell of gunpowder can be smelled again. I look on the front door, as I try to wear a green shirt. It's diffenently too small for me. So I choose to keep it open. The thought of me, being as large as I now am. Seems that the only 'part' of my cloth I could wear was the black pants from my fiance and the over large green shirt I got from a friend. The rest of the cloth is too small. So if I wear it, I would look like some strange Toon Figure, from Disney.

A man walks though the door and looks at me. ''Wolf, I presume?'' He got a very English accent. Probably just sent from London. His cloth is very well dressed and he seems very 'polite' as he steps closer, with a small grin on his face. His eyes are full of facination. And the smell of his 'Axe' deodorant is to be smelled. Just like when you smell the person five meters from you, and got 3 people next to you, but you can still smell it. He looks around and smiles a bit, as he discret closes the door behind him. He sits on the chair next to my bed with a strange and weird smile. Sort of waiting for me to sit down. I look around, and the smell of gunpowder is still in the air. I do wonder if he was wearing a gun? Maybe for own self defence? I sits down, and look odd at him. Waiting for him to respond. ''So tell me, how are you feeling today? My name is George Lukas, from the BBC news. I was wondering if you could spare some time, for a short interview.'' before I could answer he continued and would not let me speak until he was done. ''It would only take a minut of your time. '' I looked around and sat down on the bed and just glared at him. I nodded shortly with the head and he smiled relifed and found a small note block and a pencil from his small breast pocket. He didn't seem to mind the small amount of mess there was in my room as he steps in and placed him self on my bed that could be refolded into a couch.  

I would give him a hand shake, but I think he would be frightned by my large paws. He was stitting a bit more formal, and was ready to note down some small notes and making some few observations. He started to launch the first question agenst me. ''How do you feel?'' I was wondering about why he was asking the question again, but I calmly answered. ''Fine, a bit tired, but fine.'' ''How was your first reaction as you saw your own new body for the first time?'' '' No comment'' I said calmly and sort of wanted to just push him out of the room. '' Fair enough. What is your plan for when your getting written out?'' ''No comment.'' I wanted to answer that I would travel to england. To get on vication and be together with my fiance. But that would probably result in loads of television news and programs about me and my fiance's life. '' Hmm, so tell me at least. What do you want to do when-'' before he could ask the final question I started to growl and yelled instantly at the journalist. ''Get out! Just leave me alone!'' I yelled before he could answer and his face sort of nearly jumped up from the bed. He stod up and walked quickly out of the room and the journalist closed the door after him self.

On the couch the journalist left a note. Saying ''If you want to tell your story, please contact the following number: 14 13 23 13 '' I took the note and just binned it. I didn't wanted to have anything to do with it. I stod up from the bed and walked over to the door. I wanted two get some fresh air. I could feel how my heart was pumping blood to get my adrenaline down and out of the system. I looked around and got to think of it. That two fellow friends lived in the same block as me. I walked towards their apartment and nearly knocked on the door. I looked down at my self and sort of thinking how they would react towards me. I looked at the door and started to knock on it. ''Come in'' I heard inside. It sounded like a a friend of my we mostly called by the name Mikkel. I opned the door and saw to my own surprice that he too had changed.

I could litterally smell the bones he had around his body. Like a human Exoskeleton. He was large. Larger than any one could espect. He even had a hard time fitting into the room. He was sitting down and just stared at me. ''Well. As you can see. I sort of can't lock the door. So.. whats up Wolf?'' I just glared at him. With no reaction. How could a person this large fit into this room. And how did he even got into the room? I looked around and asked a bit nervous. ''Where is..'' he interrupted me and said ''Work. As usual.'' I just stared at him. And looked around to see possibilities to get him out. The only sort of 'reasonable' way for me to get him out. Was to pull him out of the window.. But even that was perhaps too small. Pehaps I could fit his head out first, then the rest of the body? I mean, the window could be opened? And that would it be pure luck if he didn't got discovered by the 'normal' people around. He seemed a bit annoyed but who wouldn't. He was looking tall like a giant. With a skeletal face and body. Most of his organs were inside the bones. I could smell them from afar. He laughed a bit. ''So.. Any surgestions on how we can get me out? Because I don't like the fancy idear of being stuck. Especially when my wonderfull girlfriend comes home in..'' He stopped for a moment and looked at the clock above his feet, that moved into the bedroom. His eyes looked back into me again. '' In a half hour. So.. GET ME OUT OF HERE?!''

I looked around and just tried to see ways to get him out. I smiled a bit and tried to help him out of the bedroom. It seems that I wasn't the only one who wasn't changed by the 'spell'. It took us more and less twenty minuts, just to get him out of the window and he could barely squise him self though. He came down to the ground and a large crash could be heard as he landed on the ground. I looked down and saw he was getting on his feets. He looked up at me and letted his hand help me down to the ground and the first question that raised my attention was ''What do you plan to do? How are you going to work with children now?'' He just stared at me. ''Really dude? Your gonna ask me about that on this sort of time?'' he just glared at me with a small amount of irritations. He stod up and started to walk towards the front door of this building block. I just laughed and walked out. I picked up the keys for his and his girlfriends apartment. Then locked the door after me with some of the items that I knew that Mikkel usually used when he walked out. Plus a blanket, to wrap around him, so he didn't ran outside 'naken' all though he didn't had any ehm.. intimate 'stuff' around his crouch. Anyway, as I came out side and looked at him, I just handed him a blanket, so his crouch wasn't public. I could smell something was wrong with him but I couldn't quite pinpoint what.

We walked about 12 minuts until we heard a screaming  voice. Mikke ran over to the front door of her working place. Even though it was made purely by glass and the large amount of people staring at him and all most screaming in fear as they saw Mikke running. A giant living skeleton running across the streets towards a building often makes people scream. I looked at them and laughed a bit about it. To be honest I found it a bit funny. I walked inside and looked around for Julie. The smell of 'bird' wasn't able to ignore and I just looked around. A women came out towards me. A shape like a female model, she looked a bit familia. You know, the 'perfect' hour glass shape, which the character in X-men usually have. I think her name in that movie was called mystic? But anyway. She walked towards me and smiled a bit. ''Your wolf right? Julie is in the kitchen near the storage department'' I looked a bit around and smiled a bit for a while. ''Thansk a lot.. Ehm.. Rie?'' I said, and she stopped and seemed a bit surpriced that I could regonize her. She smiled a bit and just continued. Something seemed off, but I thought it was just me. I walked towards the storage room, to find Julie. I opned the door into the kitchen and spotted that She came out in a rather unespected form. She was once wearing her uniform, which now has been screaded apart. Her feets shows some long birdlike claws. Her hands wasn't there. It was pure feathers and wings. She seemed to be more lightly on her feets as she walked towards me. The smell of bird especially cought my sense. Like the smell of roasted chiken. That was the smell I recived from her, and to be honest I was a bit surpriced.. I looked truly odd at her, for being in this odd form.

The Gift of deception { Kreativ Historie - Serie} Ne6gxg

What els could I do? The person I had known for many years, now stod as a birdlike human and was 'weird' or a 'freak' just like me, some sort of commen 'ground' was between us and I started to sile a bit. She even greeted me with a rather unespected face and yelled at me ''Wolf whos your friend outside? Rie told me it's a huge skeleton.'' she pointed at mikkel though the window and we both had the feeling that something was horribly wrong. Mikkel's body started to change and his bones seems to 'melting' or started to smoking. I started to yell ''Mikkel!? Whats happening?!'' In that moment Julie desperate tried to open the window. Mikkel had been on his knees and tried to hold back the 'pain' it seems that have been putted unto him. It was clearly that something was wrong. I tried to help as much as possible,but a stench of 'rotten' filled my nose with dispair, so it made me step away from him with a few inches. Julie had in the mean time tried to get him on his feet, but to no use. He tried to stand up but the sound of his bones shattered and his exo skeleton started to crackle and weare off and a stench of rotten flesh and bones could be smelled even from julie and she started to cry in with the feeling that she couldn't do anything agenst it. Within 10 minuts an ambulance showed up and during that time mikkel had scrunk down into 2 meters tall and thin fleshlike living stick. His bones was all across the ground and the smell of broken bones could be smelled many miles away. The sound of the ambulance was like glass, trying to rip of my ears. Truely a painfull sound of my opinion. Julie stepped into the ambulance with the 2 people in the ambulance and Rie, who was Julie's department manager helped her on her feet and got her into the ambulance, while me. Standing in dispair and trying to get what just happened. I was frozen in that moment, trying to figure out what was going on, but no words and no sound of reason of whats going on. Only the sound of Julie's crying and mikkels scream of pain.

So now, a lonely little 'wolf' stod confused at a shopping market and soon some media showed up with all their camera's and mikrophones to record and get as much information as possible. I just stod and didn't know what to do. I didn't even reply to their question about what just happened. Luckly Rie stepped in and with the only comments ''No comment, Wolf come with me'' She grabed my paw and showed me into the storage room where the kitchen was. I sat down and she handle me a cup of Tea. She seemed friendly and she seemed to take this more nicely than other. I took a deep breath and looked up at her. ''Everything is going to be fine. What ever is going on, the best thing we can do is not panic. Okay Wolf?'' The sound of her voice was gentle and nice. She seemed like she was used to such situations. Some of the staff members of the stores, seemed to show up interesst and one of julie's college came into the kitchen and just started to stare at me ''What just happened? Where is julie?'' Rie looked a bit annoyed at his question but replied gently ''She is at the hospital, with her boyfriend. He is apparently colapsed infront of the store and Wolf here is going to drink his Tea, then go home and get some rest. Right wolf?'' She looked over at me with a smile, to confirm that everything was going to be allright. I just noded not to draw any more attention to my self.

Why is this gonna happen now? Had I any influens on the people I liked? Maybe Kristian and Sarah pehaps could lift up my mood? I stod up and drank my Tea up and placed it in the kitchen sink. ''Thansk for the Tea Rie. It's very nice of you.'' I said with a small amount of smile, while my tail unknowlagdely laid between my legs. Sort of confirmation that I was afraid. She looked at me with some sort of 'mothers' intuiten and noded. ''Take care Wolf. And don't worry. They both gonna be allright.'' I left the room without any replies. Didn't wanted to talk more of the situation.



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