Clothing for Witch Hunt. -Boys&Girls-

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Clothing for Witch Hunt. -Boys&Girls-

Indlæg by Haru on Tors jun 21, 2018 3:59 am

She is known as a warrior Witch. She knows how to fight with weapons.

Spell Speciality: Magic to make weapons and tool stronger.

Potion Speciality: Strength and adrenaline
(Making you stronger for a few minutes and giving you an adrenaline rush, which will make your body feel numb so you wont feel pain)

Worse at: Cooking spells and cleaning spells "Ain't noone have time for that!" - Evaline.

Hobby: Making monsters by combining them. Like taking a dog and combine it with a frog, then giving it a twist to see if she will be able to make something just as cool as Vampires and Werewolfs.

Biggest wish: Wants to be as known as James. Have books written about her good or bad! She doesn't really care.

Fear: Nothing! She will look death in the eyes and spit in his soup. Noone will make her beg and nothing will scare her! "Jacob won't ever die, so there is nothing to fear." - Evaline

She's one of the strongest witches. She has the most magical power than others.

Spell Specialty: Making portals and connections to the other side.#Death

Potion Speciality: Healing and Water breathing
(So you heal in just a few seconds! and you will be able to breath under water!) "This is helpfull for the ingredience that is under water" - Rose

Worst at: Killing spells "I really don't want people to get hurt" - Rose.

Hobby: Collecting stuff for potions and night walks in the woods.

Biggest wish: Peace so that humans can live with magical creatures

Fear: Getting burned alive or hunted down like an animal.

She is known as a spell caster. Good at casting spell and memorizing them.

Spell Speciality: Cloning and Sleep spells.
"Who wouldn't want someone to work while you sleep." - Alex.

Potion Speciality: Cures for diseases and Magic resistents.
(A potion that can cure anything with just a sip and pouring the potion over oneself or your clothes will make magical spells bounch right off of you for an hour atleast.)

Worse at: Riddels. "I fucking hate James' Riddels who needs them!" - Alex.

Hobby: Riddels and reading

Biggest wish: To become stronger in magic than Rose. Maybe even James.

Fear: To be tortured by humans and burned alive.

She is known as a teleporter, being able to teleport constantly without getting tired.

Spell Speciality: Teleportation and Clothing spells
(She can teleport anyone she wishs and she can connect spells to clothes.)

Potion Speciality: Poisen and Fire resistens
(I'll make you sleep or have diarrea or I can make you strong against fire.) "Who doesn't want to be put on the fire stake and just stand there like nothing if the humans catch you." - Yuuka

Worse at: Healing potions and spells, Curses and remembering the right spells.

Hobby: Crystal ball. #stalking "I can see anything in my crystal ball. So yea stalking." - Yuuka

Biggest wish: To get a human celebration, like a wedding or birth.

Fear: Getting the witchs and humans against one."No place would be safe for me." - Yuuka

Dark witch also called a black witch. Someone who thrives in agony and caos.

Spell Speciality: Curses.

Potion Speciality: Hurtful and poison "I can smash a potion and you will be in so much pain that you will beg me to kill you" - Kath

Worse at: Portal making and inchansment So making tools work better.

Hobby: Cursing the humans at night. "My greatest hobby was the Plauge that killed of almost half of humanity" - Kath

Biggest wish: For the humans to see that we are gods and they should worship us instead of killing us.

Fear: Hunters. "Nothing!" - Kath.

She is known as a Light witch. Being one of the weakest of them all. Her magic works by default and works best where there is light.

Spell Speciality: Light potions. Making alittle light shine and making the days longer.

Potion Speciality: Stamina regenaration and Frost resistent.

Worse at: Curses and mostly anything "I really want to become better." - Haru.

Hobby: Studying.

Biggest wish: To be human. "I suck at being a witch... So a human would make me into a wife, I bet I would a better human than a witch." - Haru.

Fear: Death and Pain.


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Re: Clothing for Witch Hunt. -Boys&Girls-

Indlæg by Haru on Tors jun 21, 2018 8:05 am

This is how people think witch's look like. This is how they are portraied in books and described in poems and stories.

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Re: Clothing for Witch Hunt. -Boys&Girls-

Indlæg by Haru on Ons jun 27, 2018 1:49 pm

Monster 1:

Det første monster Alex og Josh møder.

monster 2:

Evalines monster. Tall... Around the 3 meters tall and none known weaknesses. Every end is sharp and it can reach you no matter where you are.


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Re: Clothing for Witch Hunt. -Boys&Girls-

Indlæg by Josh on Man aug 20, 2018 9:27 pm

Uvidende en troldmand. Trænet som hunter siden han var 15.

Varulv i en pagt med sin familie.

Hunter. Trænet lige siden han var 8 år.

Den første varulv. Skabt af Alex.

Den første vampyr, skabt af Yuuka.

Dæmon, skabt af Kath. Han er en troldmand, uden at vide det.

Hans halve dæmonform.

Hans fuldendte dæmonform.

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Re: Clothing for Witch Hunt. -Boys&Girls-

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